Fires of revival

Songwriter: Heather Clark.
Verse 1: I came to the gathering of the people of the Lord, And found my way among them to His throne. I needed to return unto the altar of my God, to renew again my covenant with Him.
Chorus: And there i build an alter to His name, and realise my life could never be the same. And then the fires of revival came sweeping through my soul and i touched the Holy presence of my God!
Verse 2: I wanted to discover the first love we once had shared, rekindling the fire within I found the lamp still flickering in the temple of my God, And I poured a horn of oil unto the flame.
Come build an altar unto the Lord, return to worship, and hear His word
And then the fires of revival will come sweeping through your soul, and you’ll touch the Holy presence of my God! (4x)

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